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Why SEO Optimizers?

Experience: We have over ten years experience handling SEO projects, working with multiple companies.  We are a US based SEO company and only operate within the United States.

Knowledge: We stay up to date with the latest search engine algorithm changes in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Our combined online marketing knowledge allows us to bring in different aspects into your SEO campaigns.

Group Strength: We have specialized experts in each area of internet marketing and these individual use their expertise as a group to provide the right solutions.  We have a copywriter, AdWords expert, social media expert, professional blog marketers, link builders, organic SEO rankings, and a variety of skills.

Implementation: We start with on-page optimization and then build on off-page optimization techniques.  We always follow white hat methods and deliver reports in a clear, concise manner.


SEO Packages

All SEO packages include the following services:

  • Research and analyze the competition and the industry
  • Keyword research – including long-tail keywords and niche keywords
  • Optimize each page for relevant keyword phrases
  • Search engine submission to ALL search engines
  • Configure Google Analytics, AdWords, and Webmaster Tools
  • On-site HTML coding optimization
  • Clean coded website that passes W3C validation
  • Website internal link structure
  • Build 1,000 + one-way, authoritative, highly relevant links
  • Image optimization
  • Local Searches and Business Rankings  (Google Maps)
  • Social bookmarking and networking
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.
  • Blog creation and management
  • RSS feed submission
  • Article writing and distribution
  • Press Release writing and submission
  • Directory listings
  • Create forum profiles
  • Video optimization for YouTube, Viddler, etc.
  • Create and submit sitemap to all major search engines
  • Review performance and adapt strategies
  • Monthly SEO report

Each individual page will be optimized for keyword phrases directly targeted to your specific website.  We make sure you rank well for your keywords organically, in the Google product search, Google Local Search (Google Maps), Yahoo!, and Bing.  We will increase the overall traffic to your website and build over 1,000 plus links.  We will also create a positive brand image through the social networking sites.  This takes approximately 1 month.  After project completion there is an optional monthly maintenance to continue building your rankings and sales.  If you decide not to go for the monthly maintenance we can consult with you about how to build your rankings and not drop off the search engine results. 

  • Informational Website/Service Oriented Website

This is perfect for small businesses such as hotels, restaurants, doctor’s offices, real estate agents, home theatre installation, etc.

1 - 5 Pages – Starting at $500 with optional $250 monthly maintenance
5 - 10 Pages – Starting at $750 with optional $250 monthly maintenance
10 - 20 Pages – Starting at $1,250 with optional $500 monthly maintenance
20 - 30 Pages – Starting at $1,500 with optional $500 monthly maintenance
30 + Pages – Request for Quote

  • E-Commerce / Shopping Cart Websites

1 - 10 Products – Starting at $500 with optional $250 monthly maintenance
10 - 25 Products – Starting at $750 with optional $250 monthly maintenance
25 - 50 Products – Starting at $1,000 with optional $500 monthly maintenance
50 - 100 Products – Starting at $1,250 with optional $500 monthly maintenance
100 - 500 Products – Starting at $1,500 with optional $750 monthly maintenance
500 – 1000 Products – Starting at $2,500 with optional $1,000 monthly maintenance
1000 + Products - Request for Quote

  • Enterprise Solutions and Corporate Websites

Please contact us for a personalized quote at


SEO Link Building Packages

We can offer you personalized packages to suit your budget. Researching keyword phrases is vital to the success of any website, se we take great pride in our precise selection of custom keywords for your website.  The most cost effective link building strategy is article marketing, a great way to quickly increase search engine rankings and inbound links to your website.

I. Keyword Research and Analysis

This is the first and most important step for all websites properly implementing SEO techniques.  We use multiple, high performance tools to provide you with the most accurate, relevant, and high performing keywords possible,  We want to discover the keyword phrases that will drive traffic to your business, increasing your website sales.
Cost for keyword research: $100

II. Web Directories

Directories are a great way for both new and established companies to increase their one-way links to their site.  Directories offer relevant, one-way links to your website.  These links are highly valued by the search engines and will drastically increase SEO rankings.

We utilize SEO friendly directories that guarantee inclusion.  All directories have a Page Rank of 1 or higher.  After completion we provide you with report showing where your site is listed on each directory.  Time frame is approximately 1 month to avoid looking like SPAM.

Cost for 100 directories/per URL: $100

III. Social Bookmarking

We will submit your website to the 50 most popular social bookmarking sites on the web.  This will create valuable links to your pages on each site.  This is perfect to build awareness of new articles, tools, tutorials, instructions, etc.

Cost for 50 social media sites/per URL: $100

IV. Article Marketing through Social Bookmarking

Articles are an excellent way to build links and gain industry credibility.  To achieve this we will write and distribute search engine friendly articles between 300-400 words.  The articles will be focused around 3 – 5 keyword phrases of your likings.  Articles will contain two links to any page on your website.

Each article will be submitted to ten highly ranked article sites and to 50 social bookmarking sites.  This will boost your links and increase your website popularity.

Cost per article: $100

V. Press Release Marketing

Press releases are great for announcing company news and building one way links to your website.  We will write and distribute SEO friendly press releases between 300 and 400 words in length.  The press releases will be focused around 3 – 5 keyword phrases of your likings.  Press releases will contain two links to any page on your website.

Each press release will be submitted to ten highly ranked PR sites and to 50 social bookmarking sites.  This will boost your links and increase your website popularity.

Cost per press release: $125

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SEO and SEM Consulting Rates

Since website consulting does not entail any hands on SEO work and coding, we have some prerequisites. You must be somewhat familiar with basic HTML coding and know how to enter the backend of your website. We write out all consulting instructions in word documents so you can easily follow along. With our consulting there is no guaranteed page rank or search engine rankings, as you will be responsible for implementing our guidelines.

Our standard search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) consulting rates start at $50 per hour.

Consulting can be done through instant messenger, telephone, voice over internet protocol (voIP), or email.

Most websites only need three hours of consulting to fix most, if not all major problems.

SEO and SEM Implementation

For keyword research, search engine submissions, link building campaigns, article/ press release composition and submission, and pay per click advertising. These are base prices depending upon the amount of work that needs to be done, how competitive the keywords are, and your expectations. Please go to our requesting a quotation page to get an accurate quotation.

A monthly maintenance fee ensures that the website SEO and SEM are in place and working to your satisfaction. This includes checking up on different keywords, tracking your site, making sure traffic continues to come to your site, and making any changes necessary. This is optional, but recommended to ensure that your site continues to grow and not decline in the search engine rankings.

Directory Submission

You chose from the following manual directory submission packages or we can customize a package that works for you. We provide you with an excel file showing the exact location of each directory submission, ensuring our services.

30 Page Rank 4+ Directories $30
100 Page Rank 3+ Directories $50
200 Page Rank 2+ Directories $100
300 Directories $150
500 Directories $200
700 Directories $250
900 Directories $300
*Larger packages include all smaller packages. For example: the 300 package includes the 30 PR4+, 100 PR3+, and 200 PR2+

***Please note that all rates are subject to change. Please inquire about current rates or any changes that may have occurred by requesting a free quotation.

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