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Pay-Per Click (PPC) Ad Campaign Management

Pay-Per Click (PPC) or Paid Search Engine Results Advertising is nothing new to the Internet world and search engines. PPC has been around for over fifteen years and is still playing a vital role in search engine marketing, especially with the entry of Google's AdWords a few years back. Another large PPC service is Yahoo's Search Marketing, formerly known as Overture Pay-Per Click Service. Both these services are the search engines main source of income. It is paid advertising that is highly targeted to your specific keywords. The newest entry that is sure to have a large impact is Microsoft's new "decision engine", Bing, which operates in the same style as all the other pay per click sites do. Bings PPC is very similar to Google AdWords.

Adwords, Search Marketing and now Bing all maintain a significant share of the PPC market, with Google AdWords leading the way as the dominant market force. Pay-per click ads show up on the top of search engine results pages or on a search engine network such as Google Adsense Ads. Each PPC competitor has a network of sites, in addition to their own proprietary search pages, that display the textual ads.

Recently, Google's Adsense began displaying graphics and video advertisements, allowing them to dominate the market. This is something that is worthy of exploring, especially for those advertisers who are sick and tired of text PPC ads and want a little more. This is basically banner advertising made into PPC.

Utilize Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is commonly used for managing paid search engine listings. The major sites to be concerned with are Google AdWords, Yahoo Overture, and Microsoft AdCenter. These three search engines offer a complex methodology for sponsored or paid listings. These three services are the search engines main source of revenue. It is a form of highly targeted paid advertising aimed at specific keywords. Recently, Microsoft's new search engine Bing entered the playing field, adding yet another search engine marketing opportunity for all the online advertisers.

We can help successfully manage and track ad campaigns, keywords, conversion rates, and much more to give you an in depth analysis f your weaknesses and strengths. This in turn will help your costs decrease, while your conversion rates increase.

What can we do for your PPC Campaign?

We can help you start a brand new account; build ad groups, find keywords, and copy write the ad text for you. This is the beginner's package to pay per click advertising and is great for newbie's who want to get their foot into PPC, but do not have the expertise to do so.

We also have a program in place to help modify and correct problems with existing pay per click accounts. These are usually trouble shooting problems that require major modifications to your existing campaigns. We will weed out all the poorly performing campaigns and try to resolve their issues. We do not simply turn off unsuccessful campaigns until we have exhausted every possible effort. We want to make your losing campaigns into winners, and make your winning campaigns into market dominators. We aim to perform at the level you would want to see your business perform at.

Measuring Conversions through PPC Analytics Tools

We look at your campaigns on a daily basis to ensure that they are performing at peak capabilities. We want to maximize your return on investment through PPC. To do so we use analytical tools that show you an in depth analysis of your ads, keywords, campaigns; click though rates, cost, cost per conversion, cost per click, and so much more. With these tools at our hand we can accurately go in and fix problems with bad ads or tweak successful ads to make them even better. We can even look at past results to see what has worked in the past and what a waste of time is.

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