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Inbound Link Building and Search Engines

The search engines love to see websites full of links. Each link is viewed as a vote from another website, telling the search engines that your site is worth visiting. The more links, or votes, a website has the better the search engine rankings. The average competitive site has thousands of back links. Without building links to your website, you can never achieve high search engine rankings. This means that you must have links from other websites.

Building inbound links is vital to any search engine optimization campaign. If your website is good then other sites should be willing to link with you. This means you must have something of value to offer other websites, that way they will link to you.

To see how many links you site has use my free link checker tool.

Eventually you will not only rely on search engines to bring you traffic, but you will also rely on other websites, while increasing your search engine rankings at the same time.

One-Way Links and Relevant Links

There are two types of links; reciprocal and one-way links. Reciprocal links are when two websites links to one another. One-way links are when one website links to another website. The search engines prefer to see one-way links. Reciprocal links are good, but they will not boost your rankings like one-way links do.

Just the fact of having links is not good enough anymore. These links must be of high relevance to your business and have high link popularity. Meaning the sites that link to you must also be popular websites. Links that come from websites with a lower popularity will not have as great of an impact as those with high popularity. The more relevant links your site has, the better search engine rankings you can expect.

There are numerous sites that get you reciprocal links, but our focus is on growing your business focusing on one-way, relevant links. We want your website to sustain top rankings, not temporarily jump to the top and then fall back off.

How can SEO Optimizers help?

At SEO Optimizers we help you build inbound links to your website. There are many approaches to building links that need to be taken into consideration. We help you find the appropriate link building strategy that fits best with your goals. We assist you in every step along the way. Even if your website has thousands of links, we can still help get more. We want to get your website the most targeted, highly related links to your website. We will increase links with highly relevant and related web pages. Let us take out the tedious work of finding and adding links to your site. We do all the work for you to get the best links that will boost up you search engine rankings and increase web traffic!

We also submit articles to a variety of directories to increase exposure and add links.

Pricing Options for Custom Built Link Building Packages

We can offer you personalized packages to suit your budget. Researching keyword phrases is vital to the success of any website, se we take great pride in our precise selection of custom keywords for your website. The most cost effective link building strategy is article marketing, a great way to quickly increase search engine rankings and inbound links to your website.

I. Keyword Research and Analysis

This is the first and most important step for all websites properly implementing SEO techniques. We use multiple, high performance tools to provide you with the most accurate, relevant, and high performing keywords possible, We want to discover the keyword phrases that will drive traffic to your business, increasing your website sales.

Cost for keyword research: $100

II. Web Directories

Directories are a great way for both new and established companies to increase their one-way links to their site. Directories offer relevant, one-way links to your website. These links are highly valued by the search engines and will drastically increase SEO rankings.

We utilize SEO friendly directories that guarantee inclusion. All directories have a Page Rank of 1 or higher. After completion we provide you with report showing where your site is listed on each directory. Time frame is approximately 1 month to avoid looking like SPAM.

Cost for 100 directories/per URL: $100

III. Social Bookmarking

We will submit your website to the 50 most popular social bookmarking sites on the web.  This will create valuable links to your pages on each site.  This is perfect to build awareness of new articles, tools, tutorials, instructions, etc.

Cost for 50 social media sites/per URL: $100

IV. Article Marketing through Social Bookmarking

Articles are an excellent way to build links and gain industry credibility.  To achieve this we will write and distribute search engine friendly articles between 300-400 words.  The articles will be focused around 3 – 5 keyword phrases of your likings.  Articles will contain two links to any page on your website.

Each article will be submitted to ten highly ranked article sites and to 50 social bookmarking sites.  This will boost your links and increase your website popularity.

Cost per article: $100

V. Press Release Marketing

Press releases are great for announcing company news and building one way links to your website.  We will write and distribute SEO friendly press releases between 300 and 400 words in length.  The press releases will be focused around 3 – 5 keyword phrases of your likings.  Press releases will contain two links to any page on your website.

Each press release will be submitted to ten highly ranked PR sites and to 50 social bookmarking sites.  This will boost your links and increase your website popularity.

Cost per Press Release: $125

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