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Why Target Specific Keywords

Keywords are the building blocks for the search engines algorithm. Imagine blindly picking out information from a data base of trillions of websites. This will not work well without narrowing down your choices to a specific word or phrase. These are called keywords. Whenever a search is done on the internet keywords or tags are used. Keywords direct traffic to your site, thus making keywords work for your business. Without proper keyword analysis and research you are blindly hoping your website is found on the search engines. When highly targeted keywords are used for your website, you can expect to see top level results. Your traffic will increase and your sales will expand beyond the limits you thought possible! Remember that keywords are not the only aspect to search engine optimization; there are many other factors that are explained under our consulting services.

Keyword Research and Analysis

You provide us with a brief description about your business and its services and we will compile a list of keywords for you. Looking through your website we will learn about your business and come up with relevant keywords. We then research and analyze these keywords to find the ones that achieve the greatest search engine rankings. If you want high rankings on the major search engines then you must analyze your biggest competitor's methods for achieving such high rankings. In order to do this we analyze the top ten sites for your keywords and observe their tactics. Then we modify your page in a way that is superior to you competitor's sites by using better keywords tactics and placing them where search engines pick them up. We take these keywords and incorporate them into your website where it counts. This maximizes search engine listings and gets tons of hits to your website. Then next step is submitting your website to all the major search engines.

Keyword Top Rankings

We get you top rankings in the major search engines using relevant keywords, thus dramatically increasing web site traffic and profitability! Some search engine optimization companies claim to get you high rankings, yet the keywords are irrelevant to your business. At SEO Optimizers we achieve high rankings for keywords by analyzing the ones that get qualified traffic to your website. We want to see your site grow and your sales accelerate.

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