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Guest Blog Comments Increase Back Links

If you are looking to increase your websites inbound link count then you need to utilize the blog commenting service offered by SEO Optimizers. Our large network of blogs will get you tons of links from do follow websites.

These links are permanent and will be on pages that are indexed by the search engines, ensuring that each and every link is accounted for. You will not receive a list of hundreds of sites where your link is on pages not indexed by Google, Yahoo, & Bing. We make sure to have all sites indexed and individual posts indexed by the search engines to increase your back links through guest blog posts.

Our team of professional link builders will put together an original blog post and spin it to hundreds of different blogs. This is the ultimate in blog commenting and link building. You select hoe many blogs you want to submit to and we will create a custom package for you. We also work on indexing each blog post to ensure that each back link is indexed on a site with Page Rank. Within a few weeks you will receive a full report showcasing your new inbound links from the guest blog posts. With each post you will be receiving 3 inbound, keyword rich links from pages that are directly related to your industry/ niche.

Access to Private Network of Blogs

  • All links are do follow links
  • Links are keyword rich with varying anchor text
  • All are top level domains, not sub-domains
  • Every blog is hosted on a different c-class IP with a unique name server
  • There are no footprints of the post date, author, etc.
  • Blogs are utilizing SEO friendly themes
  • On-site and off-site optimization constantly updated on each blog
  • Most have closed comments so spammers will not steal your link juice
  • Ad free blogs ensure you get direct click through on blog posts
  • Many are .com domains, not cheaper .indo domains

Read Our Blog Commenting Reviews

Get Started Building Links Today

    What We Need From You

  • Select how many blogs you want to post in
  • Three URL’s from the same topic/ niche
  • Each URL needs a specific keyword (we can chose for you)
  • The sites must be in English only

    What Will We Do For You?

  • Write an original 350 + word article
  • We will spin the article and titles
  • Then we will submit these to each blog website
  • We will provide you with a full and detailed report of each link and URL

AUTHOR: All articles and SEO tutorials written by Brandon Leibowitz, professional search engine optimization specialist and internet marketer. Owner of SEO Optimizers and Bosmol Social Media News.

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