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Free Professional Search Engine Optimization Tools

There are many great tools for you professional SEO webmasters who need to analyze their website and ensure it is ready for the public. A great free search engine optimization rank checker can be found at The site tells you the exact rank of your keywords, as longs as they fall within the top 1000 search engine results. This saves hours of time scrolling through the search engines to see what your sites ranking is.

MarketLeap is a site that contains a few very useful tools that perform link popularity checks, search engine saturation, and keyword verifications. These tools to come in handy when checking the rankings of sites and seeing how well the keywords are doing.

If you want to know what keywords are showing up in the search engines and how they rank use SEO Digger. This tool is very handy and can export the data to a .cvs file for easy reading and analyzation. Great fr any professional webmaster.

Spell Check your Website

Checking the spelling of your website is extremely important for any business. It is unprofessional and looks sloppy having a website will spelling errors. It is an exhausting task going through every page and spell checking it. Luckily, there is a free tool from TextTrust that will go through up to sixty pages of your site and show a list of all your misspellings. Simply, enter your website's URL and email address so TextTrust can immediately send an email with a list of all the misspellings on the website.

Unfortunately, this tool only validates the English language.


Search for DoFollow Blog and Forum Links

Search through millions of Blogs and Forums to find out which ones do not use the tag "relevance=nofollow". this will help build links to your website that are counted for SEO purposes. The nofollow tag means that links do not help your search engine optimization efforts. When building backlinks to your website always search for links that are not nofollow.

The tool below allows you to search for blogs and forums on related topics to your website. this increases the links relevance and importance. this is a very useful tool for link building.

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